How does RICCCH work?

(a) Credible NGO:

  • The 12 members of our Board of Directors include graduates, postgraduates and medical doctorates, PhD holders from various professional backgrounds like Management, Human Resources, Management Accountancy, Speech Pathology/Audiology, Psychology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Structural Engineering and Genetics.
  • From day one we implemented a unique reporting system that enables closing of our accounts each day.  We draw a provisional balance sheet of our accounts every month and the same are audited by independent chartered accountants at the close of the financial year.  As a policy, we pay our staff precisely on the first day of every month
    (a day earlier in case the first day happens to be a non-working day).

  • In addition to the formal registration, we also received approvals from the Ministry of Social Justice, Government of Kerala, in accordance with the provisions of the PwD Act 1995, as well as from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India, under the provisions of the National Trust Act.  We also have approvals under 12(a) and 80 (g) of Income Tax in addition to approval by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, for receiving foreign contributions under FCRA.
(b) Self Sustaining NGO:

We have more than 60 full-time employees – most of them are professionals from areas like psychology, speech pathology, audiology, social work, special education, physiotherapy and occupational therapy amongst many others providing services from three of our service providing centers located at Manjeri, Angadippuram and Kottakkal of Malappuram District.

All our services are provided from rented premises. Our present monthly recurring expenditure is around Rupees seven lakhs which we meet from the service charges that we levy from the clients based on a fee structure (a) for destitutes and orphans (b) BPL -below poverty line (c) APL – above poverty line. Over the years we have struggled to become self sustaining without depending on any grand-in-aid support.We also provide free service to needy clients against sponsorship from philanthropic individuals and institutions

(c) Working With Local Self-Government Entities

Our efforts from the inception have been to work hand in hand with local self-government authorities. We were given a chance by Angadippuram Panchayath of Malappuram District to extend our expertise as technical advisors for this project known as ‘KAIVALYA GRAMAM’.

News & Events
Signed an MoU with Kottakkal Ayurveda College
Signed an MoU with Kottakkal Ayurveda College for facilitating collaborative research, studies, training, clinical and non clinical management and treatment of cognitively & communicatively challenged persons.

'Amme...Njan Ivideyund..' Malayalam translation is ready
Malayalam Translation of special book 'Amme...Njan Ivideyund' is ready for free distribution to every mother in the community.

Admission Continues
Admission Continues for regular special training programmes for children having Intellectual Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, Learning Disabilities, etc.

Weekend special training
Weekend special training programme for children having Learning Disabilities.

Fluency Therapy
Fluency Therapy for persons with stuttering.

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