• While contributions from the directors of ACCCORD by the way of refundable interest free loans supplemented by bank loans supported the initial activities, our recurring expenditure is now being met from the nominal charges that we levy fro the services as well as by donations from philanthropic individuals and institutions.
  • ACCCORD has approvals under 12AA & 80G of income tax act 1961. Also has approval under FCRA, 2010 of Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • The accounting system followed by ACCCORD is highly professional and system oriented.
  • All statutory rules and regulations are followed strictly.
  • ACCCORD acknowledges receipts of all payments, donations, sponsorships immediately on receiving.
  • The books of accounts are always up to date and strict discipline is maintained. The final accounts are audited every year by certified chartered accountant firm.